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How To Get The Ball Out On The Lane

Here is a tip I used to hear about back in the 1980ís. I donít know why it has been kind of pushed under the rug so to speak. I think it may have been talked about in the 1980's for two reasons.

One being short oil and the other being urethane bowling balls. I am not talking about the reactive resin that we have today. Back in the late 1980ís the American bowling congress and the bowling proprietors association adopted a rule saying a bowling lane could not be conditioned farther the 26 ft. and later changed to 24 ft.

This was because many proprietors felt a bowling lane could not be blocked with this short oil distance. Lofting the ball as far as the arrows was a common practice among many pro and league bowlers.

This was to cut down on the lane distance. Now instead of bowling on a 60 ft. lane you would be bowling on a 45 ft. lane if you lofted the ball as far as the arrows. This would make a shorter lane and take the lane out of play on the new dryer lane condition.

They found that this was bad on the wood bowling lane surface and the scores went way up. This scoring was not as high as today. Well, my tip is getting the ball out on the lane will help you on a drier conditions and shorten up the lane itself. I do not mean loft it to the arrows, but just getting the ball out on the lane a couple feet could help you reduce the hook. So, get the ball out and down the lane on dry.

Here is a method that has been used to help bowlers who have trouble with this. You would take a bowling towel and set it a foot over the foul line and try to toss it over the towel. Practice this and you should be able to get the ball out on the lane in no time at all. Make sure you get permission from the center before you try this, some do not care and some do.

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Well I hope this helps good luck and fun bowling.

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